A weather station and webcam on the shore of Lake Michigan, about halfway between South Haven and Saugatuck.

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Change Log


I'm starting to archive each day's noon pictures and weather data and hope to combine those into a weather-history lookup, eventually.

I've made changes to how forecasts are received and parsed for viewing; they had been sent from Weather Display and hence the Lenovo laptop; instead I took that server-side, pulling the forecasts from NOAA's ftp site and parsing it into bite-size chunks. That's less data sent from the Lenovo and 7-day, rather than 5-day forecasts. Same deal with the Marine forecast.

While it pulls the forecast hourly, I wanted to save it to the database - but only if it had changed. The script check the forecast date/time and if it's new, it saves it... if I did this right. I'll know by morning.

11/28/2019 - Storm cleanup

The beach camera didn't survive the storm; I had a "waterproof" RJ45 connector that didn't - the connector showed a burn across leads and now the camera is a brick. It was the better of the 2 cameras, of course, but long story short is we're back to one camera as I have no plan to replace it.

11/26/2019 - Working on Zen

Big storms tonight, winds up to 60 mph and waves 10 to 16' expected! We've had unreal trouble getting Scootercam back where it should be; the Lenovo laptop running the whole shit-show is really cranky these days - twice this week the .ini file for Weather Display seems to have vanished, which resets all the weather data - like records, hi and lo, that sort of thing.
Coming to peace with the understanding, and peace that comes with knowledge, that all that I love will die. Including Scootercam, if this laptop gives up before I can line up a disaster recovery plan.


Well, that didn't work. I'll try again Saturday.


Camera is offline while I try and replace a cable. Not easy this time of night, & incoming wx tomorrow looks challenging.
But once fixed this should give us a closer look at the beach again.

back with a number of changes:

5/12/2019 The Moon Phases section has been improved. Now, in addition to showing the major moon phase/dates (new, first quarter, full, third quarter), the current moonphase is shown where it relates to the phases (if today's moon in between 1st quarter and full, that's where the 'current' moon image will be. When the page is loaded, the current date/time is compared to the date/time for the month's phases, and the "current" image is placed where it belongs. Pretty damn cool if you pay attnetion to shit like this and what all had to happen to make it work.

The wind arrow works by adding a 'transform=rotate' element to a single 'northbound' arrow. It rotates the image per the wind direction.


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