A weather station and webcam on the shore of Lake Michigan, about halfway between South Haven and Saugatuck.


Scootercam changes its view several times each day. Generally, its home position faces north between midnight and noon. From noon till midnight its home poisition looks south, where it stays until one hour before sunset - then it turns to the west, until a half-hour after sundown.

It captures an image each minute and stores them on my local PC. Each hour those images are compiled into a short timelapse video (60 images at 15 frames per second = :04).

The short timelapse is sent from my local PC to the webserver, where it is appended to the existing day's timelapse. This goes on until 5:00 am, when the previous 24 hours are archived and the new day's timlapse begins.

The image on the website is updated every 3 minutes.

Three or four times the top of the hour during the day, the camera repositions, takes a picture, and uploads it to the webserver. It returns to its home position in time for the next timelapse capture. Since the non-home position images weren't saved locally, they won't interfere with the timelapse.

Here's the camera positions, taken on a windy and cloudy day.


West (sunset)


South, zoom

North, zoom

South sky

West sky
North sky




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