Scootercam takes a picture of the beach every minute, and ties them together with local weather data to produce time-lapse videos.

The camera is set up along the Lake Michigan shoreline, north of Glenn MI and near the Wau-Ke-Na preserve. It takes a picture every minute - 1440 per day - and uploads them all overnight.

The weather station provides the day's sun and moon ride/set times, so I wrote a php script to pull images from the day's set if the timestamp fit the "sunset" profile - twenty minutes before sunset till 20 minutes after.

Other scripts do other stuff, like pull the approprite sunset image, and a daytime-only timelapse

BlueIris handles the images:

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Change Log

thought i'd start keeping track of this...

5/12/2019 The Moon Phases section has been improved. Now, in addition to showing the major moon phase/dates (new, first quarter, full, third quarter), the current moonphase is shown where it relates to the phases (if today's moon in between 1st quarter and full, that's where the 'current' moon image will be. When the page is loaded, the current date/time is compared to the date/time for the month's phases, and the "current" image is placed where it belongs.


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